Welcome to Pray for California Farms!

     We honor and bless you for your hard work and sacrifice that have made it possible for California to be recognized as “The World’s Bread Basket”.  Not only do your labors feed our state, it feeds the world.

     And we recognize your need for support especially during these days of draught and increasingly stringent regulations that can make it difficult to carry on with the work of raising livestock and produce that for many farmers has been a heritage passed down for generations and has been a source of pride in your family.

     And here at Pray for California Farms, we want to offer you an opportunity to request prayer for your farm or ranch from a seasoned, praying intercessor who will discreetly pray for you according to the guidelines set by P4CF and your specific needs.  We believe in the goodness of God and power of prayer!

     Every intercessor that participated in this project will be vetted and endorsed by a Pastor or ministry leader.

     Why are we doing this?  We love our beautiful state and we believe we are living in tough times and that God has led us to reach out to you and form prayer partnerships to save the agricultural industry in California.

     To learn more or to request prayer, please click below: 

Contact Candi MacAlpine


If you decide to bless your prayer volunteer/s financially at the end of the assignment, it’s completely up to you.  The prayer assignments will involve a one season assignment that can be re-applied after consideration.