The vision for Pray for California Farms was birthed through a prophetic word that was received by Dr. Candi MacAlpine of Oakhurst, CA on Sept 17, 2021.   

This is what she heard: 

(About California)

At the end of September while driving to Springville to teach a prophetic training class I sensed the Lord show up in my car and He said “Fruitful valley, fruitful valley, a place where I wanted to manifest my glory in the fruitfulness of the land, but it is like a barren desert with outposts of Kingdom that are evident.”  There was silence for several minutes and then He said twice “Agricultural intercession, agricultural intercession, like the 7 mountains intercession but focused on farming and all it’s far reaching businesses, everything that applies.  He said “there has been a famine of my Word, a famine of my presence and a famine of faith, now there will be a famine in the land; not so much as biblical times, but a famine none the less; unless the intercessors and the farmers will partner together and begin to pray for every part of farming including animals, (pork, beef, chicken, eggs, honey, etc) packing sheds, trucking, everything that applies, then there will be food for the world and us in the fruitful valley.”

I saw a partnership of farmers, all farmers, connecting with those called to pray for agriculture in California and beyond.  We feed a huge percentage of the world and a famine in California would devastate the entire country and beyond.  He then told me to contact Shannon Grove, California senator and Apostle Tony Kim.  I shared the word with them both and they are in agreement with it.  We have set up a website; including shirts and hoodies you can purchase to build a chest of finances to do what every needs funds to accomplish the vision.  I am keeping this simple and have already seen how this will confirm to many and are already praying.  I am open to whatever the Lord will birth to accomplish His word.  The beauty in the word was the Lord started with the goodness and His perspective of the land before telling us there needs to be changes as He states.  California is poised for the assignment to bring breakthrough to all of the United States.

 - Candi MacAlpine